Meet Moa & Maria 

Our teachers at Yogaretreats Northern Lights
during spring and summer 2018-2019

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Moa is the behavioural scientist who realised that yoga touches us not only physically but also mentally, and therefore changed track and became a full time yoga teacher. Moa likes to keep her sessions playful, and at the same time she has the permissive view of ourselves as whole beings:

“Joy and playfulness is something that comes spontaneously with everything I do, but I often hear from my students that I also convey much more than just yoga positions. It's important for me to work holistically - to let the philosophy of the East meet the science of the West, to also let yoga touch something deep within us.

Yoga is such a fantastic tool to face ourselves, our habits and thought patterns, and to get a bit of breathing room in it all. It feels valuable and important for me to show my students that it's okay to be human - that we can work on ourselves and our shortcomings, and that we may not need to take them too seriously. Instead, we see them as part of the wonder of being who we are. We use yoga to strengthen us from the inside out, through the breathing, positions and mind."

When Moa is not doing yoga, we will most likely find her in nature, going for walks, skiing and running, most preferably in the mountains - or the Alps! In Moa you will find the most delightful combination of joy and deep presence, and we are so proud and excited to offer retreats with her in 2017.

Moas training in excerpts

  • Global Yoga 1 year assisting program with Johanna Andersson.
  • Yinyoga Basic Modul 1 with Magdalena Mecweld.
  • POWER - Personal Training with Johanna Andersson.


Maria is the founder of Yogaretreats Northern Lights, works full time running Yogastudion Umeå and has devoted almost 20 years of her life so far to yoga. During her many long trips to Asia, she has tried out most yoga styles and philosophies. Over time, she found her very own way of living and teaching, all based on what she loves the most: simplicity.

"To keep things simple and not loose my temper over unimportant things is pretty much how I live my life. I do not like the airy fairy stuff in yoga. For me, stepping on to the mat is my way of connecting to my body and soul, just as simple as that. Many like the way I teach because I'm ordinary. No New Age stuff in my classes. I'm very practical, for example I like the clear and structured instructions in Ashtanga Yoga.

I love waking up in the morning in India, having a cup of hot tea with ghee and lime, and then head over to the yoga hall along with all the others. But I love the ordinary Swedish life as much - like the midday break at the office with coffee and cookies."

Maria’s extensive experience of yoga in combination with having her feet deeply rooted in a simple way of living makes her a very appreciated yoga teacher. We at Yogaretreats Northern Lights are proud to offer retreats with her in 2017.

Marias training in excerpts

  • Ashtanga Yoga assistant at Yogashala Stockholm with Lisa Lalér for two years.
  • Advanced trainings in Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga Sutras with Maria Boox.
  • Studies with Saraswati for 1 month in Mysore, India, 2014.
  • 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Paul Dalaghan Yoga Thailand, 2007.
  • Yin Yoga trainings with Magdalena Mecweld.